C.Q. Foot Clinic offers the latest 3D scanning technology to provide you with the best quality custom foot orthotic possible.

During an assessment our podiatrists will assess movement and flexibilty, provide video gait analysis and be able to show you how an orthotic is going to benefit you.

Our Laser scanner is state of the art and with 5 cameras taking a precision scan of your foot we can provide accurate measurements of your feet down to .5mm.

This gives us the most accurate way to custom fit an orthotic to your feet. Our custom made orthotics are exactly that “custom made” they are made to fit the shape of your foot. They can be made to fit into most footwear including heels, court shoes, football boots and work boots. We make sure that our orthotics are comfortable and fit your footwear from the moment you put them on.



C.Q. Foot clinic source our custom orthotics from Footwork Podiatric Laboratory.  These devices offer long term solutions in the treatment of weight-bearing realignment, they are utilised in the treatment of acute and chronic foot conditions such as flat feet, high arches, shin splints, heel pain, tendonitis, recurrent ankle sprain, chronic knee pain and stress fractures. Our orthotics can also be used as prevention for corns, callous and ulceration due to providing pressure relief and redistribution. Talk to us today about your next set of custom foot orthotics.