Ingrown Toenails

Everybody hates an ingrown toenail.

They happen because either you have cut the nail too short, damaged the nail or your

parents gave you bad genes and no matter what you do they always ingrow.

Normally it happens to the big toes but the other toes can get ingrown too.



In some cases, the ingrown piece of nail can be cleared from the side of the toe with minimal

to no pain and the ingrown nail resolves there after. Our podiatrists will advise you on how to

keep the area clean and prevent from getting another ingrown nail

Some cases require surgical removal of a small part of the toenail under local anaesthetic.

The nail actually feels a lot better after the small nail spike is removed and total healing

normally occurs in two weeks.


Without Treatment

The nail may continue to grow into the side of the toe. This can lead to increasing pain levels

and recurring infection. It is most serious in people with underlying medical problems such as

diabetes or peripheral vascular disease.