In toeing is pretty common in young children and something they will normally grow our of,

but if your child is tripping over a lot or you are concerned about the extent of in toeing we can

assess and advise you on the best form of treatment.


Does your child walk with their toes pointing inwards?


Does your child have a habit of W-sitting?


What is In-toeing?

  • Hips, knees and feet can be turned inwards while the child is walking.
  • Appearance of “knock knees”, tripping may be common.
  • Unusual walking pattern, fatigue in muscles may occur.
  • Compensatory flat foot to straighten the foot.


There are a number of reasons why your child may be walking with their toes pointing inwards; a common cause of in-toeing in children is sitting in a W-position.

W-sitting should be discouraged for the following reasons:

  • Muscles around the hip joint can become short, contracted and restrict
  • Unnecessary force on knees and ankles affecting muscle growth.
  • Weakened core strength due to slouched sitting posture.
  • Long term effects on posture and walking pattern.


Treatment can be as simple as a change of footwear or a simple insole to correct the issue but if a major deformity is seen more in­depth treatment may be necessary.

Come in and see us at CQ Foot Clinic and we will happily discuss any concerns you have with your child’s feet or walking patterns.


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