Callous and corns

A callus is a hard build up of skin on the feet, the body produces the build up of skin due to increased pressure and to protect the underlying foot

structures. Once a callus builds up too much the area can crack and become sore and uncomfortable. A corn develops on a pressure area like a small

hard seed in the skin. This can feel like a pebble trapped under the skin and the pain caused can only be relieved by the corn being removed.



Your podiatrist can remove callus and corns but these can come back over time due to pressure and normal walking. Ongoing long term treatment for

corns and callus can include pumice stones, regular moisturising or pressure relief orthoses to decrease the calluses or corn. In severe cases calluses

may require regular treatment by the podiatrist to keep them from becoming too large.


Without Treatment

While treatment for calluses and corns is not always necessary, it may provide you with more comfort. Larger calluses can cause significant pain. In

some patients, especially when they become cracked, calluses can lead to wounds that can lead to serious problems, especially in people with